Remba Island is situated in Lake Victoria, in Mbita Sub County of Homa – Bay County, Kenya. Remba is a small fishing island supporting a population of approximately 4600 people. The quality of life for people on Remba is adversely affected by high rates of diarrhea due to contaminated lake water which is the residents’ only source of drinking water. In partnership with the community, Pamoja CBO designed and implemented a short-term water project (LifeStraw ) to address this problem.

LifeStraw is a new line of portable, low maintenance and easy to use point-of-use water purifiers. The filters were distributed to the entire island population in 2009 and has resulted in a dramatic reduction in diarrhea rates and has averted deaths, particularly among children under 5 years old. In May 2010, Pamoja CBO complete a one-year follow-up evaluation of this project and disseminate the results.

The Remba Island Safe Water Project furthers our exempt purposes by increasing community capacity to address a critical health issue on the island. Approximately 10% of our time is allocated to completing this activity.

Pamoja CBO received funding for this project as a private donation through Rotary International.