The Community Transformation Center (CTC) currently under construction will be a multi-acre “campus” that will serve Seme Sub County and the surrounding sub locations with a combined population of approximately 146,000 people residing in the greater Kisumu West and its environs. The CTC will be a research, innovation and training center for development and for poverty reduction interventions. As such the CTC will demonstrate how available resources can be maximally utilized through innovative technology to diversifying income sources. It will train community members on these technologies and link them to markets. To enhance uptake and implementation of these technologies, CTC will provide micro-credit loans for the start-up inputs required to implement them.

Community Dialogue for CTC

The CTC aims to:

  1. Model sustainability (organic agriculture, sustainable energy sources, community leadership)
  2. Promote health (safe water and sanitation programs, education programs on HIV, malaria, and reproductive health)
  3. Directly and indirectly raise the education level and literacy rates
  4. Promote leadership by and empowerment of women
  5. Establish a focal point for community activities with a resource centre, training hall, community market, and an administrative block