KITS is a program in which a group of multi-age children come together to explore their creativity and social development as they mount their own unique musical theatre production. The program was created by a developmental psychologist to meet the developmental requirements of all participants. Children ranging from the ages three to nineteen years old work together and make connections with others in ways that peer-oriented activities do not allow. The children exercise their imaginations, their bodies, and their minds as they create dances and props, play games and learn about themselves and others.

Pamoja CBO is partnering with the Kenya Ministry of Education, local Kenyan school administration teams, and with KITS-Canada to conduct this activity. The first event took place in June 2010, with ongoing planning, and will be held in Kisumu County, Kenya.

KITS-Kenya will further our exempt purposes by fostering leadership skills among young Kenyans, giving them tools to impact the development of their own communities.

Pamoja CBO has received funding from KITS-Canada to implement this project. Pamoja CBO human resources for the project was partially funded by the Texas entity, through private donations.