Our History

“Pamoja” (which means “together” in Swahili) was formed in 2007 to bring together community groups and support them in achieving their objectives.

Pamoja CBO developed from the observations of several people who were frequently rock climbing in the Kit Mikayi area of Western Kenya. We all had backgrounds in health and development work and noticed the struggle of individuals to provide basic necessities for their families, such as safe drinking water, a healthy diet, sanitation and education. More importantly we noticed how many community members were working together to improve their lives and the lives of their neighbors. We saw women’s groups rotating on each others’ plots of land, a youth group teaching HIV prevention through a soccer club, a community run pharmacy, a widow’s group which supported orphans, and many other groups which had formed to bring change to the community. But many groups worked in isolation of each other, had overlapping activities, did not have the training to maximize the impact of their efforts, and lacked the resources to establish projects, which they thought, were important.