Join our internship and volunteer programs

Pamoja Community Based Organization (CBO) internship program attracts both local and international students from diverse backgrounds. Since 2009, Pamoja has hosted over 40 international students interested in global health and who participates in locally designed projects.

Our interns and volunteers contribute to organization’s strategic objectives by supporting projects in a) health b) education c) water and sanitation d) food security and environment e) Child protection

Our current activities include:

  1. Orphans and vulnerable children intervention with 6800 children aged 0-17 Here we offer psychosocial therapy sessions, support HIV testing services, household economic strengthening, support education subsidy, train and link caregivers to microfinance institutions, provide business start-up capital, and livelihood projects among others.
  2. DREAMS Initiative where we aim to reduce HIV infection among adolescent girls and young women aged 10-24 years by 40%. With a total population of 4300 adolescent girls and young women, we offer both biomedical and behavioral prevention strategies such as provision of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), promotion of contraceptive methods, HIV testing services, post violence care, cash transfer, combined socio-economic approaches, education subsidy, and social asset building through different evidenced based interventions.
  3. Child Sponsorship Project where we offer holistic child protection services. With a total of 3600 children aged 0-17 years, we support for school fee, life skills and peer-to-peer mentorship program in several secondary and primary schools.
  4. Research projects with local and international universities where we support communicate participation in research for development, innovation of new technology and integrative science. Some of our current research projects can be found on “what we do” page.

Our dynamic learning environment develops and prepares young professionals for future employment and job placements, through skills development, networking and relationships with professionals in their areas of interest.

To learn more about available internship and volunteer opportunities at Pamoja CBO, send your application to