About Us

Pamoja Community Based Organization is a grass-roots community empowerment and development organization in Kenya registered with the Ministry of Labour, and East African Affairs, Department of Gender and Social Services. We are passionate about helping communities develop the skills they need to make positive changes for themselves. We work through local self-help groups, CBOs, local administration, and government ministries.


Healthy, happy and able communities


To empower communities to identify and address the most significant needs affecting their well-being


  1. Enhance the capacity of communities to:
    a. Assess their strengths, capabilities, and resources
    b. Assess and prioritize their needs
    c. Leverage additional resources to meet their needs
    d. Plan, implement, and evaluate interventions
  2. Strengthen community leadership
  3. Facilitate linkages, collaboration, and coordination between individuals, organizations, and relevant Government departments

Core Values

We operate under the principle of:

I . S . E . A

Innovation   |   Sustainability   |   Equity   |   Accountability