Several years back, we were little boys and girls living freely in villages with patches of dreams.
Today, we are at the center of transforming communities, creating happiness, advocating for decent living, supporting healthcare, championing for education, investing in research and building capacity of groups and individuals within our reach.
At Pamoja CBO, we prioritize empowering people to overcome their challenges and live better lives each new day. Our mantra is, "your today should be better than your yesterday".
To do this, we are privileged to exist in a community that has embraced us, to work with a dedicated team of directors, staff, partners, mentors, CHVs and organisation volunteers.
Don't hesitate let's deliver the DREAM - Healthier, Happier and Able Communities.

Karibu sana!


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I have been in Pamoja CBO for the last one year and I must say that it has been great being in the community of skilled people that strive to give back to the community they are based in. Part of the reasons why I was delighted to be here was the enthusiasm that exuberated through service to people who have been singled out by others in their own community because of their social status, of not being able to provide for their own basic needs. It has made communities be so sanguine of their future, of being able to stand on their own two feet and have whatever they need. Therefore being in Pamoja has taught me to be selfless, kind and not look at my own welfare but that of others.

I spent 10 wonderful weeks at Pamoja CBO, learning from their staff and members, spent time in the community and got to meet hundreds of amazing people. My 10 weeks at Pamoja taught me not only how community based development works in practice, but also that passionate work, good intention, cooperation and support can make massive difference for societies. Now that I have completed my degree in Political Science and Development studies, I will continue my career using the knowledge and experiences I maintained from my time as an intern at Pamoja.

Hi, my name is Mourine Odhiambo and I've been a volunteer at Pamoja CBO for almost a year. It's not every day that you get to see, communicate and interact with people whose lives you're working towards changing. I must admit that's what attracted me most to the organization, working with the community. The organization has programs whose backbones are interaction either with oneself, with each other or with the society at large. Being an AGYW myself, I have immensely benefited from these programs and I can attest to the fact that Pamoja is actually working towards building happy, healthy and able communities.

P.O. Box 2311-40100, Kisumu

Phone: +254 780 160 0000

Email: info@pamojapamoja.org


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